Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No post for about half a year. Why? Simply, because nothing real shocking happened. For my Euro I got about $1.31 to 1.34 and ¥131 to ¥133. Only recently it seems the Euro has increased a slightly bit in rate. It's the second time I see both the $ above $1.35 and the ¥ above the ¥1.35.

Did it give me some benefits? Well, a long waited series of watches has come out and I bought two of this series. They were not cheap, so I hoped for a good Currency Rate.

Two Watches, ¥ 80000.
Currency Rate: €1.- = ¥128.1550
Price Paid: €624.25

Check out what this would have cost me a year ago, where the rate was around €1.- = ¥100. Let's hope I do not have to post much updates. This only means nice and stable currency rates.