Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend #35, 2010 (Sunday Spetember 5th).

Well, I did not update much lately. After week 31 the Euro/Dolar rate fell a bit down to around €1.- = $1.28. It still is around that level. Nothing exciting I guess.

I bought a G-Shock for my son Bram on August 11. The price was AU$87.-. Rate of that date was: €1.- = AU$1.4054. The watch (a DW-6900CB-2DR)costed me €61,90. A very good price.

I bought another headphone on August 28. Total price with shipping was £51,98. Rate on August 28 2010 was: € 1.-  =  £ 0.799200 GBP. I paid € 65.04 for my new headphone.

This weekend rates:

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